Products and services

Our company has a deep expertise in working with Automotive Tier 1 customers and other electronic related clients. We mean deep expertise: More than 20 years.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you think we can help you in some way.


We offer Resident Engineering services, mainly for follow-up of your validation and testing requirements, but our team can help you also in electrical maintenance projects or electronic prototyping services.


Our main product are load panels and breakout boxes, and by extension we can supply instrument panels in general (or just the components), and also electronic testing fixtures (like bed-of-nails). 

What are load panels? these panels are a reproduction of electrical loads that are found in the real application (in our case mainly vehicles, so things like head lamps, door window motors and so on). Our customer use our panels to test that the control electronics will have no problem in dealing with those electrical loads.


We can work with your schematics to make sure that our panel design meet with your spectations. As a special service we can supply 3D models of our products, we encourage use of open source software, we use KiCAD and FreeCAD.

We try to be quick in our quotations. We are used to tight schedules!